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On behalf of the Free Republic of Liberland we would like to thank you all for your participation at the 5th Anniversary of Liberland. 

For any information regarding your involvement or citizenship kindly reach out at


Ron Paul
US Libertarian politician

Roger Ver
Founder of

Cryptocurrencies as solution for big government

John Dalli
Former EU commissioner

How to learn from mistakes of other governments.

Vojtěch Roček
Founder of Coravent


Coronavirus: How to build 500 ventilators in three weeks?

Nik Halik
Cosmonaut & Entrepreneur


Surviving the Globalist Assassination of the world economies

David Friedman
Legal Scholar


Market Failure: An Argument both for and Against Government

Naomi Seibt
Climate and reason activist


Do not fear liberty – freedom in a climate of crisis

Pavol Luptak
Founder Paraelní polis


Crypto Liberation Story

Vítězslav Kremlík
Author Guide to Climate Apocalypse

Fear-mongering leading to totalitarianism

Daniel Dabek
Founder of SafeX & Liberlandian representative in Serbia

Decentralized market based on Monero

Saro McKenna



Liberland blockchain governance

Joseph McKinney
Startup Socienty Foundation



Startup societies and ULEX legal system

Michael Carbonara
Founder of Ibanera Bank



Modern Liberland banking

Jonathan Chester



Banking Liberland Company


Peter C. Earle
Research Fellow at AIER



Coronavirus and Economic Crisis: The First Draft of history.

Walter Block
Harold E. Wirth Eminent Scholar Endowed Chair and Professor of Economics Loyola University New Orleans

What is Libertarianism?

Stephen Wood
LAF Vice President





Humanitarian aid in times of crises

Brock Pierce
Crypto Pioneer, Philantropist

Michael Flight
FOUNDER OF LIBERTYFUND.IO Property rights, Liberland real estate and real estate on the blockchain.



The conference takes place on Zoom video conference platform. However, both during and after the main program you can visit our VR Embassy at Somnium Space.





Free Republic of Liberland is a sovereign state located between Croatia and Serbia. It is a 7km2 land referred to as “Gornja Siga.” The founder and elected head of state is President Vit Jedlicka. Liberland is a constitutional republic with elements of direct democracy. The state has two Vice Presidents and 5 Ministers. The language is English. The Liberland Merit is the currency of Liberland. The country’s motto is: To live and let live.

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